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It's unjust…

It's unjust…
Poor people on the streets
Tryna find food to eat;
They pleading at you feet
For a lil' bit of money
Sayin "please, please help me

It's unjust...
single mother's workin' hard
just to keep da fam'ly strong_
goin' to work everyday,
but still...not enough pay

It's unjust…
Young girls can't walk_
Alone by the park;
Or just chill by their house,
To play a game_
Without bein scared,
Thinkin' that they'll be raped

It's unjust…
At 13 go to court_
Tried as an adult;
They take a look at your color
And say "he's just anotha

It's unjust…
Teens goin to war
Cuz they say "the pay is more"
But only if they knew
That'd they could be the one
Lyin cold on the floor

It's unjust!...

Written by PoeticFreedom

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