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victim of love

a man I do not need
for they're all just evil beings
hurt and pain,
their middle names.
take your heart,
and fu-with it…
as if it's some kinda game!
lies they sell,
promises they make_
I try to trust,
I try to believe…
but in the end
I'm left to hurt.

why am I their easy target?
why am I the victim?
I told myself,
I'd be strong always.
I'd never fall for their lies,
or believe the promises they made;
a tear I'd never shed_
never…not for ANY man!

but here I go again,
with my pack of cigs,
and my puddle of tears.
a victim of "love",
who bought the lies
and believed in the promises.
I've landed in the trap;
the one I told myself
to BEWARE of!

once again,
I'm the victim;
the victim of "love"

Written by PoeticFreedom

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